Question 30 – Write a letter to your future mate saying whatever you want to say

Deeply personal but its a nice question to end the challenge. I write this letter depicting a life with my future mate rather than a laundry list of characteristics I’d like to have in him.

To Him with Love,
My reality surpassed my dreams when I met you. A quiet calmness when we’re together… no stress and no pressure. Not once you’ve made me cry always showing me the things that make human beings special…make me special. You bring that smile to my face when you call and it makes tasks more fulfilling through the day. I think of you and pay attention to things that will make you smile too. I opened my heart and you lit flames of friendship and love I cherish to this day with hope and security that I’m going to love you forever and another day. As deeply as I am loved by you which gives me strength…loving you deeply gives you courage. Marriage is not perfect and when you and I can’t see eye to eye let us work to keep our love the same.

Yours truly


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