Question 12: Describe how you met the last person you texted and talk about your friendship/relationship

The last person I texted…We met each other eight years ago, I was a freshman in college, he was a junior. I was having dinner with my new friends at a campus cafe when we decided to play truth or dare which was fun. When my turn came up I chose dare and my challenge was to introduce myself to someone in the cafeteria that we found ‘good-looking’ so to speak. We were looking around the cafeteria when my eyes caught sight of this guy entering the cafeteria with his friend. He fit  ‘good-looking’ and I pointed  him out to my friends. They all agreed in unison he is the ‘dare’. So my ‘dare’ got seated with his friends and waited a few minutes before I headed over. It was a game and I like a challenge. As I rose to go complete the dare, the plan for a topic to strike conversation filled my mind. One of the guys seated at the table was in army uniform and my ‘dare’ and him were in great physical shape. So the topic I chose for conversation was fitness. The girls cheered me on and I head over to their table. I said “Hello, my friends and I couldn’t help but notice how physically fit you two were and I was wondering if you happen to be personal trainers?” My dare smiled and said ” Unfortunately no, but we work out quite a bit to keep fit.” I said “Ok, that’s cool because I’m into fitness myself” when I was interrupted by my dare who said, ” I like your accent, where are you from?” to which I replied “the Caribbean.” From our conversation and interaction, the chemistry was present with my ‘dare’ who was talkative and outgoing  compared to his friend who got a few words in here and there. After some pleasant interaction, I returned to my table with friends poking fun for the rest of the evening. The next day, a friend and I returned for breakfast at the cafe and to my surprise I found my dare sitting with a couple of his friends. We noticed each other and nodded hello in each other’s directions. My friend and I sat down to breakfast and started talking when we were suddenly interrupted by him. He introduced himself to my friend, asked if he could sit down and we all started talking (where you from , year in school, field of study etc.). Before he left us, he said “I’d like to give you my number in case you need help with your fitness.” We did become friends but fell out of touch during some college years since we were focused on different things at the time. Fast forward to today, we live in different cities but we’ve been in touch as we continue to get familiar with each other’s character.


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