Question 7-Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point ?

I am where I wanted to be in life from the standpoint of my career. The image of myself as a kid when a teacher would ask, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” has  made fruition in the woman I am today. I must admit, I did put my career ahead of a relationship which caused much strain. Just looking back, I think the  path the relationship took worked out for the better. Quite frankly, back then, I was not initially ready to take bigger steps such as marriage but nearing the end I did feel that my love was to the ready-point. However, unknowingly my partner had moved on and tried to hold on to me at the same time. Eventually I got knowledge of it, we had a big fight and we broke up. He is now engaged with a new baby girl. Since then my philosophy has been to ‘be the person you want to be for your partner’. I think this goes a long way because alot of us look for certain things (values, characteristics, personalities) in others but why not look for those things in ourselves first. From the standpoint of relationships, I’m not where I thought I would be but everyone has a road in life to venture on which is influenced by our actions. I know that for now I’m working on the things that I will share with my partner in an eventual union.



  1. You are so right. My friends always think I have the perfect relationship, but no one does. The way I get through our hard times is to always remember that I have to treat my man the way I want him to treat me and if e doesn’t in the end it’ll be him that’s hurt. Check out my blog section on relationships. There are tips for how to keep a relationship spiced up on both ends.

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