Time of Five

Bestowed on I
By an Infinite Being
Commandeering its instruments
Completing a cycle
To my eyes
Stems this fusion
To form one
A mortal delivers
Sounding cries
To those who be near
Leaping into two
Imitating those closest
Stretching new limbs
Soaking up new knowledge
Into this calabash
We call Life
Thrilling three
Unmistaken independence
May sip or drink first love
Surfing this period
Constraints arrive
To sweep up four
Be married or lead
Celibate lives!
Have children or return
With your seeds unsown
Once vibrant now cautious
For what’s left
To end well
All past sins
Forgiven forgotten
Five bonds
With the Maker
Knowing my immortal
Will return to Him
One day.
Copyright 2005 jewels

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